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The island of Noirmoutier near the 4 star camping Yelloh Village Château la Forêt

Visit the old castle, the Passage du Gois and the Bois de la Chaise beaches

The island of Noirmoutier hides a wealth of treasures that we invite you to discover during your campsite stay.
As you arrive on the island, the Château de Noirmoutier and the Noirmoutier harbour are inevitably the first things to admire. But if you continue a little further, you’ll come to the Bois de Chaise with its renowned and typical beach huts. Picturesque and totally charming!

The island of Noirmoutier is also well known for growing its own very local and deliciously tasty early potato, the “Bonnotte”. But who could imagine eating it without a little sprinkle of “fleur de sel” from the island’s salt marshes? So don’t hesitate to call in to one of the many producers who will be delighted to explain how the salt is harvested, plus all their little secrets and recipes.

And why not take a trip to the Ile aux Papillons (butterfly island), a totally unique spot where hundreds of butterflies flutter freely in the vast tropical greenhouse. Fall under the spell of their colours and shapes, certain to delight all ages. An unforgettable moment to enjoy with the family.

How to get to Noirmoutier? Nothing could be easier, you even have a choice of two routes: either across the toll-free bridge, or by taking the Passage du Gois that is submerged by the sea at high tide. If you do decide to cross the Passage du Gois then remember that you can only do so at low tide, 2 hours before and 2 hours after.

On the island itself, near the Passage du Gois, take a moment to observe the incredible flora and fauna. Whilst many holidaymakers make the trip to the island to enjoy its sublime landscapes, don’t forget its gorgeous beaches of soft fine sand. Its little something extra? The car parks are free, so convenient!

Don’t wait to book your stay at the camping Yelloh Village Château la Forêt and discover all these amazing excursions.